12 Cheap JanSport Backpacks

JanSport Backpacks are extremely popular because they are incredibly durable and made of premium quality. Did you know there are Cheap JanSport Backpacks available online?

Yes! You can find Cheap JanSport Backpacks in the comfort of your own home and these also give you that durability and quality you are seeking after.

We have compiled 12 JanSport Backpacks that are all under $46.00 making these some of the cheapest JanSport Backpacks available online. When it comes to buying a quality backpack, anything under $46.00 is an excellent price point, especially if you are on a budget.

The price ranges we used are from the JanSport direct website. Typically, other online retailers will sell these backpacks for an even cheaper price making these an even better deal.

SuperBreak Backpack

Typical Price Range: $25.20-$36.00


The SuperBreak Backpack features a classic silhouette and is extremely lightweight for daily usage.

This backpack is available in a huge variety of colors and designs so you will be able to find a color you love.

The SuperBreak Backpack by JanSport has 2/3 of the back panel padded and also features straight cut, padded shoulder straps for easy carrying. This backpack also has one large main compartment and a front utility pocket with a organizer.

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Black Label SuperBreak Backpack

Typical Price Range: $25.20-$36.00


The Black Label SuperBreak Backpack is pretty similar to the one listed above however offers exclusive patterns and styles on available with the Black Label version.

This backpack also features the 2/3 padded back panel with the straight-cut, padded shoulder straps. These shoulder straps actually feature a premium fabric overlay unlike the SuperBreak Backpack above.

The styles, colors and patterns featured in this backpack have the iconic JanSport SuperBreak Style in exclusive prints.

This backpack obviously has the one main large compartment for holding your belongings.

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High Stakes Backpack

Typical Price Range: $28.00-$40.00


The High Stakes Backpack by JanSport is a really cool looking bag and typically has a full-print design throughout the entire bag,

As you can see with the picture above, this picture is all about style. You can literally look at a beautiful beach sunset every single day you use your backpack. The backpack we showed you is called “Multi Laguna Beach”.

They have a few other cool printed variations with the High Stakes Backpack making this a wonderful backpack even if you are on a budget.

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Big Student Backpack

Typical Price Range: $32.20-$46.00


The Big Student Backpack is a very popular, bigger backpack by JanSport.

This backpack has an ergonomic S-Curve in both of the shoulder straps making it very easy to carry, even when you have a heavy load inside.

If you enjoy multiple compartments, The Big Student Backpack is for you. You get two large main compartments that are very spacious along with a side water bottle pocket and front stash pocket that has a zipper.

The Big Student Backpack features a full padded back panel making it very comfortable while also protecting your items.

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Half Pint Backpack

Typical Price Range: $17.50-$25.00


The Half Pint Backpack is a cute, smaller backpack that actually hold quite a lot.

This bag has only a couple different designs but they both look great.

The Half Pint Backpack by JanSport features adjustable shoulder straps, one main compartment and a front utility pocket for smaller personal items.

This backpack is the perfect on the go bag because it is smaller and very lightweight.

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Super FX Backpack

Typical Price Range: $35.00-$40.00


This is another cool JanSport backpack!

The Super FX Backpack has premium textured fabrics that really stand out. All the graphics and unique patterns featured in the Super FX Backpack are special edition.

This backpack is also rather functional containing a large main compartment, front utility pocket with personal organizer and straight-cut, padded shoulder straps for optimal support and comfort.

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City Scout Backpack

Typical Price Range: $28.00-$40.00


The City Scout Backpack is basically digital meets regularity.

This backpack features a 15 inch laptop sleeve to protect your precious electronics but also is a great bag for everyday use.

The City Scout Backpack features a color contrasting bottom that really stands out.

Like most JanSport Backpacks, this one features the straight-cut, shoulder straps that are padded.

The City Scout Backpack has one large compartment for your main belongings, a front utility pocket with organizer, internal laptop sleeve and a zippered front stash pocket for extra smaller items.

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Black Label SuperBreak Special Edition Backpack

Typical Price Range: $25.20-$40.00


JanSport has many different versions of their SuperBreak Backpack Design and this is another one of them.

The Black Label SuperBreak Special Edition Backpack is just like the other SuperBreak backpacks but offers special edition designs and styles that you can only find with this specific bag.

This backpack features a new cutline in exclusive fadeout prints for maximum style.

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Digibreak Backpack

Typical Price Range: $28.00-$40.00


This backpack from JanSport is optimal if you have electronic, digital devices.

The Digibreak Backpack from JanSport features a 15 inch laptop sleeve, a soft tricot lined tablet pocket and also a fully padded, shock absorbing bottom to keep your electronics protected.

This backpack also features a dedicated phone pocket to put your smartphone inside of.

The Digibreak Backpack basically has one large compartment and straight-cut, padded shoulder straps with a premium quality fabric overlay.

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Women’s Splice Backpack

Typical Price Range: $31.50-$45.00


Ladies…Looking for an awesome JanSport Backpack?

The Women’s Splice Backpack has multiple features making it perfect for women like the women-specific S-curve shoulder straps for example.

This backpack also is able to hold a 15 inch laptop, 10 inch tablet, headphones or cellphone and even has external pockets for cord storage. Did we mentioned side water bottle pockets?

The JanSport Women’s Splice Backpack has three large compartments and is specifically made for you ladies.

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Splice Backpack

Typical Price Range: $31.50-$45.00


You have seen the Women’s Splice Backpack above, but there is also a regular Splice Backpack by JanSport.

It’s basically the same bag as the one above, minus the specific women features.

The Splice Backpack features the same compartments like the 15 inch laptop compartment, 10 inch tablet compartment, easy access external ear-bud or cellphone pocket, and also twin external pockets for cord storage and water bottle pockets.

This is a very easy, simple backpack design that offers multiple storage compartments.

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Overexposed Backpack

Typical Price Range: $24.50-$36.00


The JanSport Overexposed Backpack is a very stylish backpack if you want something that looks very nice but are on a budget.

This backpack features a 2/3 padded back panel for comfort and durability while also offering the typical straight-cut, padded shoulder straps.

This Overexposed Backpack has one large main compartment and a front utility pocket with an organizer.

What we really like about this backpack is all the different colors that really stand out along with the pop color zippers and pulls.

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