55 JanSport Bookbags for Sale

Trying to find JanSport Bookbags?

We have put together a mega-list of 55 Current JanSport BookBags for Sale on the official JanSport Website right now.

Since there are currently 55 different types of JanSport Bookbags for Sale, we decided to keep the information short and sweet for each backpack that is mentioned.

Who knew that JanSport had so many different versions of book bags available to buy online?

If you can’t find a bookbag you like out of this list, we don’t think you will ever find the right bookbag.

JanSport Bookbags Mentioned:

  1. Right Pack
  2. Right Pack Expressions
  3. Right Pack World
  4. Black Label SuperBreak
  5. High Stakes
  6. SuperBreak
  7. Digital Student
  8. Big Student
  9. Big Student Overexposed
  10. City Scout
  11. Hatchet
  12. Fox Hole
  13. Watchtower
  14. Digibreak
  15. Right Pack Digital Edition
  16. Night Owl
  17. Iron Sight
  18. Oxidation
  19. Splice
  20. Envoy
  21. Austin
  22. Overexposed
  23. Tiger’s Nest
  24. Pleasanton
  25. Lhasa
  26. Marjorie
  27. Baughman
  28. Reilly
  29. Hensley
  30. Houston
  31. Cortlandt
  32. Bowery
  33. All Purpose
  34. Spring Break
  35. Half Pint
  36. Platform
  37. Source
  38. Broadband
  39. Stars and Stripes
  40. Off Trail
  41. Compadre
  42. Sinder 15
  43. Women’s Agave
  44. Odyssey
  45. Jayhawk
  46. Ski and Hike
  47. Adobe
  48. Katahdin 40L
  49. Katahdin 50L
  50. Katahdin 70L
  51. Tahoma 75
  52. Tahoma 45
  53. Tahoma Duffel
  54. Mesh Pack
  55. JanSport X LRG Iron Sight

Some of the bookbags mentioned above are just a different variation of another bag mentioned so we won’t repeat any of those.

JanSport Right Pack Bookbag

Variations: Right Pack Expressions, Right Pack World, Right Pack Digital Edition.


The JanSport Right Pack Expressions, World and Digital Edition Backpacks are a great series.

This backpack offers many different colors and variations making it ideal for multiple occasions.

The JanSport Right Pack Bookbag has one large compartment, front utility pocket with organizer and straight cut, padded shoulder straps.

JanSport SuperBreak Bookbag

Variations: Black Label SuperBreak


The JanSport SuperBreak Backpack is another wonderful option if you are looking for a solid bookbag that is quite affordable.

The SuperBreak backpack comes in a huge variety of different colors and prints making it perfect for any one looking for a JanSport Bookbag.

This backpack contains a large main compartment and a 2/3 padded back panel for extra support and comfort.

JanSport High Stakes Bookbag


The JanSport High Stakes Backpack is made from premium fabric for superior durability and a unique texture.

This bookbag comes in some very unique print and colors and features one large compartment to hold all your supplies.

The High Stakes Bookbag contains a front utility pocket with a built-in organizer and has a full padded back panel.

JanSport Student Bookbag

Variations: Digital Student, Big Student, Big Student Overexposed.


The JanSport Digital Student, Big Student and Big Student Overexposed Bookbag is a great option if you are, well, a student.

This backpack has ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps, two large compartments and a fully padded back panel for extra support.

The JanSport Student Backpack Series comes in a variety of colors, patterns and digital prints for multiple styles.

JanSport City Scout Bookbag


The JanSport City Scout Bookbag looks great. It’s actually designed to have a contrasting color with every City Scout Design.

You get one large main compartment, an internal laptop sleeve, a front utility pocket with organizer and a web haul handle.

The JanSport City Scout also features a zippered front stash pocket, zippered string pulls and straight-cut, padded shoulder straps for easy carrying.

JanSport Hatchet Bookbag


The JanSport Hatchet Bookbag brings together modern functionality with an outdoor influence.

The Hatchet Backpack by JanSport features a deluxe organizer panel with a padded smartphone holder, one main large compartment, tricot lined tablet pocket and a bunch of other cool compartment options to keep you satisfied.

JanSport Fox Hole Bookbag


If you need a bookbag for a daily commuter or perhaps a hike then The JanSport Fox Hole Backpack is a great option.

This backpack features a side compartment for a 15 inch laptop, an organizer panel, a pocket that fits a tablet, bottom lashing webbing and dual pockets for water bottles.

The Fox Hole Bookbag has fully padded shoulder straps and a fully padded back panel for comfort and durability.

JanSport Watchtower Bookbag


The JanSport Watchtower Bookbag is one of a kind.

This backpack features tons of different compartments and is just overall a phenomenal backpack.

The Watchtower Bookbag is perfect for protecting your electronics and features an insulated storage compartment.

JanSport Digibreak Bookbag


The JanSport Digibreak Bookbag looks similar to the SuperBreak Series but is designed to cater to your digital electronics.

Keep your digital gear safe and protected inside the Digibreak Backpack which features a dedicated cellphone pocket, a dedicated tablet pocket with soft touch lining and also one large main compartment for everything else.

JanSport Night Owl Bookbag


The JanSport Night Owl Bookbag is perfect for any adventure.

This backpack features a sternum strap, #8 zipper on the main compartment, two front zippered gear pockets and a versatile padded sleeve designed to fit a 15 inch laptop or something similar.

The JanSport Night Owl Backpack is truly a one of a kind bookbag.

JanSport Iron Sight Bookbag


The JanSport Iron Sight Bookbag was designed for the outdoor or even urban explorer.

This backpack was definitely designed with you in mind. It features curve shoulder straps that are ergonomic.

The Iron Sight Backpack has one large compartment, a front flap zippered pocket and a sternum strap.

JanSport Oxidation Bookbag


The JanSport Oxidation Bookbag is a top of the line, premium quality backpack.

The price point may be steep to some people but you definitely get what you pay for.

The Oxidation Backpack features multiple compartments and tons of additional zippered pockets as well.

This backpack has ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps and genuine leather JanSport label and trims.

JanSport Splice Bookbag


The JanSport Splice Backpack is an optimal bookbag if you are a digital junkie.

This backpack features a 15 inch laptop compartment, 10 inch tablet sleeve organizer panel, headphone compartment with external headphone jack opening, phone pocket and twin external pockets for storing your digital cords and accessories.

The Splice Backpack by JanSport has three large compartments making it one spacious digital paradise.

JanSport Envoy Bookbag


The JanSport Envoy Backpack comes in a few different colors and is also a great bookbag for your digital products.

This backpack features a dedicated cord storage pocket, top-loading laptop compartment, deluxe organizer and dual pockets for water bottles.

The Envoy Backpack also features s-curve shoulder straps and a padded back panel for maximum comfort and mobility.

JanSport Austin Bookbag


The JanSport Austin Bookbag is a good option if you are in the market for a JanSport Bookbag.

This backpack has a 2/3 padded back panel and one main large compartment to store your items.

The JanSport Austin Bookbag features cut, padded shoulder straps and premium faux leather bottom and trim details.

JanSport Overexposed Bookbag


The JanSport Overexposed Bookbag is one of our favorites.

The designs and prints featured in this backpack are some of the coolest designs we have seen so far in any of the JanSport bookbags.

The Overexposed Backpack features a 2/3 padded back panel, a front utility pocket with internal organizer, one large main compartment, pop color zippers and pulls and straight-cut, padded shoulder straps.

JanSport Tiger’s Nest Bookbag


The JanSport Tiger’s Nest Bookbag is the perfect backpack for hiking.

This bad boy features bottom compression and ice axe loops, a genuine lather and canvas and a haul handle.

This is one heavy-duty bookbag and you will be amazed by the superior quality of the Tiger’s Nest Backpack.

JanSport Pleasanton Bookbag


The JanSport Pleasanton Bookbag comes in one color, Green Machine. How fitting!

If you enjoy a classic, rugged styling and premium leather details, you are going to fall in love with the JanSport Pleasanton Backpack.

Some of the features in this bookbag are adjustable hidden buckles to secure your items, antique brass metal hardware, ergonomic padded shoulder straps and multiple storage compartments.

This is an ideal bookbag for anyone who is serious about backpacking.

JanSport Lhasa Bookbag


Just when you thought you seen the best already you meet this guy…

The JanSport Lhasa Bookbag is the cream of the crop.

This bookbag features rich leather trims and detailing along with multiple storage compartments.

The JanSport Lhasa Backpack features cord storage, dual water bottle pockets, one main large compartment and two side zippered pockets. It also features a padded organizer panel and a padded shoulder strap.

This is a top notch bookbag from janSport.

JanSport Marjorie Bookbag


Looking for a cheaper on the go bookbag? This is a wonderful option!

The JanSport Marjorie Bookbag is a less common design when it comes to backpacks but it functions with premium quality.

This bookbag is light and durable and is a perfect option if you are on-the-go and need to pack up right away.

JanSport Baughman Bookbag


The JanSport Baughman Bookbag is pretty neat because it features an external storage pouch that can be removed.

This backpack features an internal padded sleeve that fits a 15 inch laptop, mesh lined padded shoulder straps and a large main compartment for your belongings.

The Baughman Bookbag features premium cotton canvas fabric and premium faux leather bottom and trim details.

JanSport Reilly Bookbag


The JanSport Reilly Bookbag has a very soft, cool design to it that we think you will love.

We really like the color featured above, Seafoam Green, but it also comes in a few other neat colors that you will most likely enjoy as well.

This backpack is very durable and made from a high quality Cordura fabric.

The Reilly Backpack features cut, padded shoulder straps and a large main compartment.

JanSport Hensley Bookbag


The JanSport Hensley Bookbag features the iconic JanSport suede leather bottom.

This backpack has a front utility pocket with a built-in organizer and an internal padded laptop sleeve.

The Hensley Backpack also features a premium Cordura fabric with a large main compartment to hold you stuff.

JanSport Houston Bookbag


Looking for something ultra-lightweight with a quality cotton canvas?

The JanSport Houston Bookbag is the most optimal backpack if you live on the go.

This bag features a full padded back panel that has straight-cut, padded shoulder straps for superior comfort and support.

JanSport Cortlandt Bookbag


The JanSport Cortlandt Bookbag is a premium backpack for everyday adventures or traveling.

This backpack features a faux leather lashing square, fully padded back panel and mesh lined padded shoulder straps.

The Cortlandt Backpack by JanSport has one large main compartment with premium faux leather bottom and trim details.

JanSport Bowery Bookbag


Another great JanSport Bookbag option is The Bowery Backpack.

The JanSport Bowery Backpack features a large main compartment, a secondary zippered compartment with organizer and color contrast cotton details.

As far as we know, the JanSport Bowery Bookbag is only featured in the color Black.

JanSport All Purpose Bookbag


We think the name of this bag speaks for itself…

The JanSport All Purpose Bookbag is literally for all purposes. Simple? We think so.

This bookbag is perfect if you are looking for optimal organization.

This backpack features ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps and a fully padded back panel.

JanSport Spring Break Bookbag


We really like the JanSport Spring Break Bookbag because it’s simple and cost effective.

This backpack is basically just a smaller version of the classic SuperBreak Bookbag Series.

Even though it’s smaller and cheaper, it still features a front utility pocket with organizer, one large main compartment, a web haul handle and straight-cut, padded shoulder straps.

JanSport Half Pint Bookbag


Another cheap bookbag from JanSport is the Half Pint Backpack.

This backpack is ideal if you have just a few items and need something thats more cost effective.

The JanSport Half Pint Bookbag has adjustable shoulder straps, a front utility pocket, key clip, web haul handle and one main compartment to hold your bigger items.

JanSport Platform Bookbag


Now we are back to business with this one…

The JanSport Platform Backpack is a very clean, sharp looking bookbag.

This bookbag has a sleek design and has multiple compartments for ideal digital storage.

JanSport claims this backpack is the ideal backpack for any daily commute. We would have to agree.

JanSport Source Bookbag


The JanSport Source Backpack is a premium bookbag to help carry your digital electronics.

This backpack features an abrasion resistant ballistic bottom to keep your precious electronics safe.

This JanSport Source Bookbag features a deluxe organizer pocket, oversized accessory headphone pocket, padded back panel and s-curve shoulder straps.

JanSport Broadband Bookbag


The JanSport Broadband Bookbag is pretty similar to the one mentioned above except this one has just a bit more space for your electronic devices.

What’s really cool about the Broadband Backpack from janSport is the dedicated top-loading laptop compartment that feature a 360 degree protection system keeping your digital electronics safe and secure.

This backpack currently only comes in one color, Black.

JanSport Stars and Stripes Bookbag


Show off your American Pride with the Stars and Stripes Backpack from JanSport.

This bookbag has the original JanSport style from 1969 and also features the original JanSport logo from 1967.

If you enjoy classic’s, this is the perfect option for you.

This backpack features one main compartment and adjustable seat belt shoulder straps.

JanSport Off Trail Bookbag


It’s time to get off the trail…

The JanSport Off Trail Bookbag comes in a few different colors and we think Orange Ember is our favorite color.

This bookbag is a reissue of a classic JanSport Bookbag from 1980 and they did this perfectly.

The JanSport Off Trail Backpack is a perfect choice for hiking and taking an adventure.

JanSport Comparde Bookbag


Another awesome old school bookbag is the JanSport Comparde Backpack.

This backpack features a 13 inch padded laptop sleeve, a front diagonal zippered stash pocket with iPhone pocket, leather lashing square and one main compartment with organizer.

Great choice for an old school backpack and at a good price point for what you are getting.

JanSport Sinder 15 Bookbag


The JanSport Sinder 15 is kind of refreshing to see…

This backpack is a different style than most of the other bookbags mentioned in this article.

The JanSport Sinder 15 Backpack is light and ready to be used for any occasion. This backpack features a bottom cord pocket, cinch top closure with a locking pull and one large main compartment for holding your items.

JanSport Women’s Agave Bookbag


Ladies…This one is for you!

The JanSport Women’s Agave Bookbag was designed specifically to be optimal for a woman. It features AirCore shoulder straps made specifically for women.

The Women’s Agave Backpack features a front utility pocket with an organizer, quick access loft pocket and has two large main compartments for holding multiple items.

This is an excellent backpack ladies, we promise!

JanSport Odyssey Bookbag


Taking a quick look at this backpack shows premium quality…

The JanSport Odyssey Bookbag is an ideal backpack for someone who wants a serious bookbag.

The JanSport Odyssey Backpack features a #10 zipper on the main compartment, daisy chain and ice axe loop.

This backpack also features multiple compartments for storage and organization.

There is also two large main compartments to carry all of your items and ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps for easy carrying.

JanSport Jayhawk Bookbag


The JanSport Jayhawk Bookbag is a cool looking bag.

This is another old school bookbag that was originally inspired by a JanSport backpack made 40 years ago.

This Jayhawk Backpack has antique brass metal zippers, jacquard trim details on the inside, one main compartment and the original JanSport woven label from 1967.

This is a classic and you won’t be disappointed.

JanSport Ski and Hike Bookbag


Can you guess what this bookbag is for?

Another classic reissue, this one being from 1969, is the JanSport Ski and Hike Backpack.

This is the perfect hiking backpack and the perfect skiing backpack.

We really like the look to this one and think the orange color is ideal.

JanSport Adobe Bookbag


JanSport is dominating with these old school bookbags…

The JanSport Adobe Backpack includes antique brass details, original JanSport woven logo, leather lashing square and a 15 inch laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve.

The Adobe Backpack also feature one large main compartment to hold all your gear.

JanSport Katahdin Bookbag

Variations: Katahdin 40L, Katahdin 50L, Katahdin 70L.


The JanSport Katahdin Backpack is serious…

This backpack comes in three different sizes; 40 litres, 50 litres and 70 litres.

This is one of the top selling JanSport backpacks for optimal outdoor backpacking.

The Katahdin Backpack features an adjustable suspension, a top loading main compartment with compression lid and dual trekking pole loops and padded hip-belt with mesh pockets.

This JanSport Bookbag is a major powerhouse and you will never look back.

JanSport Tahoma Bookbag

Variations: Tahoma 45, Tahoma 75, Tahoma Duffel.


The JanSport Tahoma Bookbag is part of the Guide Series.

This backpack has been researched and went through rigorous testing with International Mountain Guides and is designed to be the best in class mountaineering pack for guides around the world.

Wow…This bookbag is incredible.

The JanSport Tahoma Backpack feature so many things like a gear rack and ice clipper loops on hip belt, GridFit system for fine tuned adjustability of shoulder width and torso length and much, much more.

JanSport Mesh Pack Bookbag


Back to basics with this bookbag…

The JanSport Mesh Pack Bookbag is a very simple, very affordable, transparent mesh backpack.

This backpack comes in a variety of mesh colors and looks great.

The JanSport Mesh Backpack features a front utility pocket, internal hanging pocket, web haul handle and one large main compartment to hold your items.

This backpack is see-through so make sure you don’t have anything you don’t want others to see in there.

JanSport X LRG Iron Sight Bookbag


Last but not least….

The JanSport X LRG Iron Sight Bookbag is for people who need to carry a ton of items. They didn’t call this backpack X LRG for nothing.

LRG and JanSport actually combined efforts here to create an extra large, water proof main compartment which keeps your important items dry and safe.

This backpack is also perfect for filling up your backpack with ice and cold drinks meaning you can literally bring the party with you.

This X LRG Iron Sight Backpack by JanSport is way ahead of its time…