Carved Power Bank & Bluetooth Speaker Review

We were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to review the Carved Power Bank and the Carved Bluetooth Speaker.

We are no strangers to Carved, we actually reviewed some of their phone cases a couple years ago, and have been fans ever since.

If I could sum up what Carved was all about, I would say they are masterminds when combining wood and technology. This ends up being a really cool combination because you get the realistic wooden aesthetic while still getting the benefit of advanced technology.

They have definitely provided something I didn’t even know I needed but now I couldn’t think of anything I need more.

Almost every single person you know, are friends with, work with or just come in contact with own a smart phone.

How many of them have a unique custom phone case made from real wood?

Whether you own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or even a Google Phone, Carved has a beautifully designed wooden case for you.

Now this review isn’t about their awesome wooden smart phone cases but we figured we would catch you up to speed.

We have the pleasure of being in direct contact with Alex over at Carved and he informed of us of their newest products that are close to the smart phone world but offer a lovely expansion of their brand category.

We were sent the Kerby Rosanes Warming Power Bank along with the Walnut Acoustic Acorn Bluetooth Speaker.

Let’s dive in and talk about both products in detail!

Kerby Rosanes Warming Power Bank Review

We have all seen power banks that offer a portable way to charge your smart phone in a pinch.

However, have you ever seen such an aesthetically pleasing power bank with a beautiful real wooden design?

The Kerby Rosanes Warming Power Bank is a gorgeous piece of art that doubles as a wonderful power station. You are almost going to get excited when your phone is losing battery because you get to pull out this beauty to charge it quickly.

This power bank comes with a real wooden design on the front with also a black real wood back cover that is created using reconstituted ebony. It also includes a micro USB charging cable and a lovely canvas carrying bag for proper storage when not in use.

The benefits of this power bank are:

  • Smooth, Rounded and Sleek Design
  • 6000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Power Output: 5V/2.1A Fast Charge
  • USP Output
  • Micro-USB Input
  • Front & Back Made From Real Wood
  • 100% Unique
  • Natural Materials

The design is really cool featuring a bear on top of a lightbulb that is half submerged in water with birds flying overhead. The wood is a lighter, almost ivory color with the design being black.

Look at the visual instead of me trying to describe it to get a much better feel of what I am talking about.

Sure, the design is elegant but what about the function?

I have been using this power bank for a few weeks now and it’s just as good as any other power bank I have used before, in fact better in most cases.

For instance, just now my iPhone 6 Plus was at around 77% and I plugged in the Kerby Rosanes Warming Power Bank with a third-party USB to Lightning Cable and my iPhone was at 100% within 10-15 minutes.

This power bank can get you a full charge even if your phone is at 0-1%!

Charging the power bank is even easier. You just plug the micro-USB into a USB outlet or USB Charger and there are 4 indicator lights to show you when it is fully charged.

Aside from the beautiful design and the functionality, I really love the feel to it. It feels smooth, has some weight to it and you can tell this is of high quality.

If you are in the market for a portable power bank with some charisma, look no further than the Kerby Rosanes Warming Power Bank.

Now this isn’t the only power bank they offer. They actually have a huge selection of different designs that you will fancy right here.

Walnut Acoustic Acorn Bluetooth Speaker Review

When it comes to portable bluetooth speakers, they are typically a dime a dozen.

When we first looked at the Walnut Acoustic Acorn Bluetooth Speaker from Carved, we were blown away by how well-crafted it is.

The feel of the wood, the smoothness and the weight of this speaker just felt right.

It’s honestly quite incredible they were able to craft this wooden device so perfectly.

This is made from real walnut folks.

So it looks amazing, feels amazing, but how does it sound?

From the looks of it, it’s a smaller speaker and we just assumed the audio quality would be a bit diminished because of this.

I was able to connect my smart phone to this speaker with ease, only had to press one button and the Carved Device was quickly found through my phones bluetooth interface.

I opened up Spotify and blasted some of my favorite tunes and was blown away by the audio quality. There is no volume button on the speaker itself, you actually control the entire thing with the volume buttons on your phone or device.

The only thing I would change with this device is the ability to pair multiple devices at the same time. Currently you can only have one device connected at a time, but you can always remove a device and add another with no issues.

Charging this speaker is very easy. There is a input at the upper-backside where you can plug the cord provided into a USB charger.

Benefits of Walnut Acoustic Acorn:

  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • 30 Foot Wireless Range
  • 7 Hours of Playtime
  • Easy to Use
  • Single Button
  • Solid, Smooth and Sleek Design
  • Real Walnut

If you are looking for something reliable, sturdy and overall perfect for blasting music, podcasts or audio books, the Carved Acoustic Acorn Walnut Wood Bluetooth Speaker is for you.

At the time of writing this review, there is also a Bamboo version which you can find right here.

Carved Power Bank & Bluetooth Speaker Review Summary

We personally loved the Carved Power Bank & Bluetooth Speaker.

We may be a bit biased but Carved has proven to us from time and time again that they create high quality, reliable products that make technology beautiful.

From their phone cases, to their power banks and to their speakers, they have nailed it.

The way they combine wood, art and technology is the best in the business. They care about function but they also care about the visual which is not something you find often in this sector.

Carved is a great group of individuals that really put love and care into each and every one of their products.

Browse their website here and support a great small business today!