Carved Wood iPhone Case Review


Carved is a company I just recently came in contact with and I’d have to say I’m glad. I had the opportunity to review a few of their iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Wood Cases, which I was very impressed by, and couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. Carved is a small company based out of Elkhart Indiana that was founded in late 2011 and they are still going strong to this day. Right off the bat, when viewing Carved Online, you can see the quality and passion they have with their custom made products. All of the Carved Products are made from 100% Real Wood which means every single phone case is unique in it’s entirety. The cases I reviewed combined wood with a poly-carbonate case which popped onto my iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with ease. You can really see the precision in the wood, especially the Aztec Calendar Case which you’ll see below, from the custom laser cutting. I was very impressed from what Carved has done with the uniqueness and simplicity involved in their custom wood carved cases.

Carved Wood Cases First Impression

Thanks to Darrick from Carved, I was able to review these beautiful cases and share with you guys. Darrick did a great job keeping in contact with me and keeping me updated. The iPhone Wood Cases came literally a day after I was told they were shipped so I was already impressed just based on that. What people need to realize is sometimes mistakes could happen during shipping and they shouldn’t blame the company they bought their product from. In this case, there were zero mistakes and I had very fast shipping which I’ll consider a bonus. If you look at the first picture above you will see the boxes each iPhone Case comes in. My initial reaction was that Carved is a company that cares about their customers and has a unique perspective and artistic ability. The box itself is a work of art which really makes their product stand out even more. Carved isn’t a massive Corporation, however they are a business that actually cares about the finer details and that I can respect.

When I opened the packaging it also came with a little more paperwork. The first thing I actually noticed was this glossy “Thank You” card. Carved really does care about their customers and are very thankful when someone purchases their products. I really should be sending them a thank you card considering they were kind enough to send me these cases in the first place.


After the impressive “Thank You” card I noticed something else floating around in the box. They sent me a sticker that resembles the iPhone Case Packaging which I thought was pretty cool.


Now the fun part begins, the actual Carved Wooden iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus Cases!

Carved iPhone 6 Wood Case Review

I have the iPhone 6 Plus and my girlfriend has the iPhone 6 so I wanted to try out both cases to see how they fit, looked, etc. The iPhone 6 Case that Carved sent me was the Redwood Burl iPhone 6 Slim Case.

Redwood Burl iPhone 6 Slim Case




Right off the bat, the beauty and design of this case is top notch. The wood is so smooth to the touch and looks great. The Redwood Burl looks very nice and makes the iPhone 6 look even better which is saying something. This case was very easy to slip on and it felt nice and tight around the phone. What impressed me even more was the grip on the sides of the case. I’m always worried I’m going to drop my phone but not with the Carved Redwood Burl Case on it. You can feel the ridges in the grip and it gives your hand complete traction so it doesn’t slip out. This case is also very slim so it doesn’t add any bulkiness to your phone.

Carved iPhone 6 Plus Wood Case Review

I have an iPhone 6 Plus, have had it since day 1, however it’s near impossible to find a case for it right now. Every single year I would buy an Otterbox for my new iPhone however this year they don’t have one available yet. This turned me off Otterbox immediately and had me searching for other options. I want my phone to stay safe and also to look good; Carved provided an amazing looking iPhone 6 Plus Case with the Aztec Calendar.

Aztec Calendar Engraved Cherry iPhone 6 Plus Case



They actually sent me 2 of the Aztec Calendar Cases, and below you can see a wood impression that isn’t present in the case above. This is just further proof that these cases are 100% unique and made by hand. The precision on this case especially is a work of art.


This is hands down the coolest looking iPhone 6 Plus Case I have come across thus far. You can feel the indentations in the wood and can visually see every unique detail of this case. The Aztec Calendar is a work of art on it’s own and Carved brought it to life with this iPhone Case. Every person I showed this case too was impressed and wanted to get one. This case also contained the poly-carbonate outline which allowed for good grip as well. This case is strong, sturdy and looks quite remarkable in person. If you want the best of the best, I suggest you purchase this phone case.

Birdseye Redwood Burl iPhone 6 Plus Case


The Aztec Calendar iPhone 6 Plus Case is by far my favorite and I’d assume it is one of their top sellers. That being said, I sorta just picked a random case to also review because I was so biased with the first one. I chose the Birdseye Redwood Burl because it was different to me. I wanted to leave my comfort zone and give an unbiased review on a case I wasn’t too sure about. This case actually turned out to be quite remarkable on it’s own and came in a close second for my favorite case. The wood on this case is a fine, very smooth, Redwood Burl. Carved included a little slip of paper educating me on Redwood Burl as well so I knew what I was getting was correct. The design was very nice and unique and I definitely recommend getting one of their many Redwood Burl Options.