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General Disclosure

The Product Promoter, or TheProductPromoter.com, doesn’t guarantee any information described in any of it’s content. This information is for entertainment purposes only and should not be taken as fact. We do attempt to be as accurate as possible but no one working here or associated with The Product Promoter, TheProductPromoter.com, is an expert in any field.

All views on this website are influenced by the opinion of the website owner and website admin. If you have any concerns please read this entire page and/or contact us directly and we will be happy to explain what we do here.

At this point in time we do NOT sell any products directly, we just give our opinions on products and different websites you can go to, to purchase these products.

Most outbound links are affiliate links. Please read the full Affiliate Disclosure below.

Affiliation Disclosure

We belong to multiple affiliate programs and we try to implement affiliate links every chance we get. This is one of the main sources of income for this website and this is how we can keep this website free and non-subscription based. All affiliates and affiliate programs we belong too are company’s and brands we feel strongly about. We trust our affiliate programs to provide our viewers with an optimal shopping experience. If we ever find out an affiliate of ours is treating their customers poorly or providing any customers with information we do not agree with, we will stop any association with them.

If you clicked-through an affiliate link from our website, and then purchased a product from that company and had an issue, please contact us and let us know immediately. We will take all information into consideration.

Our Affiliates

Here is a brief summary of some of our affiliates and affiliate programs we belong too. This list can change at any moment and we reserve the right to change it. Some affiliate programs may be more prominent than others. Some affiliate programs like Shareasale & Commission Junction have multiple brands & company’s that take part in their affiliate program.

  • Amazon
  • Shareasale
  • Commission Junction
  • Link Share
  • Other Companies Not Mentioned

What is an Affiliate Program or Affiliate Link?

There are multiple affiliate programs and also brands who do their own affiliate links so each company may do things a bit differently. However, they are all based on the same idea. That idea is to provide us with a link to their website or to their specific product and then provide us a commission if a transaction takes place. Since each program differs the commission percentage can vary but typically is anywhere from 1% to 10% of the total cost of the product. Sometimes we get no commission and sometimes we get a higher commission. It all depends on the type of product and what the affiliate program is willing to offer.

Most outbound links are affiliate links. If you have a question about any affiliate links, feel free to contact us.

Buying Products Through Our Affiliate Links

Unless otherwise stated, we do NOT sell any products directly. Any product you purchase is going to be from a different company that we directed you too. If you have any issue or question about something you purchased or are about to purchase, you need to take it up with the company we referred you too, not us. If the product isn’t what you expected, we can NOT help you. You must contact the company you purchased this product from and they will have to handle it. We do NOT grant any refunds because we do not sell any products(unless otherwise stated). We suggest you look at the information on the company’s website and do your own research before making a purchase.

If a company is being fraudulent, lying, not granting refunds based on their policies or anything else we deem as inaccurate; they will be blacklisted from our website. We do our best to direct our viewers to only legitimate retailers and brands. Anything else is unacceptable.

Affiliate Links Price Discrepancy

On www.theproductpromoter.com, you may show a price for a certain product or a possible sale price. The price you see on www.theproductpromoter.com does NOT guarantee the price you will pay on the website we refer you too. At no point in time can the price mentioned on our website be matched with the company we refer you too or any other company for that matter. Company’s change prices daily and it’s very difficult to be 100% accurate on every single product page, blog post or sale we might mention. If something is on sale, you can almost guarantee the price will increase after the sale is over.

At www.theproductpromoter.com, we do our VERY BEST to keep pricing as accurate as possible and we even check the prices every few months and update them accordingly. If you notice a price is off, please contact us and put “Price Discrepancy” in the subject line. This will not only help us but it will help future viewers of ours and for that, we thank you.

Advertising Disclosure

Another source of potential revenue for www.theproductpromoter.com is from advertisements. Advertisements can come from advertising platforms like Google Adsense for instance or private ads that are sold directly.

Compensation Disclosure

Any compensation received, whether it’s free products, affiliate commissions, advertisement money or whatever, will NEVER influence a review or product description. The reviews on www.theproductpromoter.com are purely opinion based and all content is written by the owners of this website unless otherwise stated. We do NOT accept any payment or compensation offers to change our opinion.

Image Use Disclosure

Occasionally images used on www.theproductpromoter.com are found on the internet and are believed to be of public domain. We could have images from search engines, social media or etc. All images are copyrighted to their respectful owner. If you are the owner of an image that you see and want it removed, please contact us an we will remove it as soon as possible. Also if you are an owner of an image and don’t mind us using it, but would like to be credited please contact us and we would be happy to do so. Sometimes what happens is someone else takes an image and claims it as their own and then describes it as public domain so please contact us if this is what appears has happened.

Any image that has a www.theproductpromoter.com watermark, or that we state was taken by us, is our property. We will allow most to use our images however you need to ask first and properly cite it.

We share all blog posts on our various social media channels so your picture may appear there. We do NOT directly upload any images to social media without having a direct link to the associated post.

Product Reviews Disclosure

In reference to product reviews: Some products listed on our website are sent to us to review. However, some products are purchased by us and then reviewed. Whichever way we obtain the product does NOT effect our opinion or review. All reviews are opinion based and shouldn’t be taken as fact. We base all product reviews on how we liked the product and if the product met our expectations based on what the packaging or website told us. We do NOT review every single product and we may reject company’s from sending us products. If we find a company we like, we may inquire them to send us some products to review. This does NOT effect our opinion of the product once it is in our possession. We are very reasonable and most reviews we find the positive within the product. We do not like to bash company’s or products but if the product in our opinion is unacceptable or bad, we will write about it.

Product Variation Disclosure

Since we do not actually own any of these products or warehouse any products, our general listings can be off. Color is a big one when it comes to variations and something we call a certain color could look differently on your monitor or smartphone than it appears to us. We have no responsibility if a product vary’s in any way, shape, or form and is different than what you expected.

Top/Best Product Lists

You will frequently see Top or Best lists on www.theproductpromoter.com. Examples are “Top 10 Gym Shorts” or “Best Green Backpacks”. These lists are heavily opinionated by the people who work here and the website owner.

There is no guarantee you will feel the same way.

Health Disclosure

Most products listed on the product promoter are not related to this disclosure. However, some products like food, supplements, skin care products or the like may be promoted so please read accordingly.

Most of the products we talk about are harmless to the average person. However, please use all items discussed on www.theproductpromoter.com with caution and always consult your doctor or physician if you are concerned or unsure how your body will react. If you develop any health ailment, like a rash, allergy or any other general health concern, we are NOT responsible. If you do develop a health concern or condition seek medical attention immediately. We also suggest you take up any concern with the company you purchased the product from. We will NOT be able to help you in this matter as we do not sell any products directly unless otherwise stated. We are NOT experts on Products, Ingredients, etc. If you have any health concern, Please consult your doctor or physician. They will be able to help you with your questions and concerns.