Griffith Park Backpack from Case Logic Review

The Griffith Park Backpack from Case Logic is a beautiful backpack that I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to review. First I want to say how great the company Case Logic is. Not only do they carry beautifully unique items, they have some of the best customer service you could ask for. Upon requesting this specific backpack, I was sent the product in a very fast manner and the packaging was very adequate. The minute I opened the packaging I saw this gorgeous backpack sitting in plastic waiting for me to pry it open. After I ripped open the plastic wrap, I was hit with a brand new smell. You know exactly what smell I am talking about and it was glorious.

Griffith Park Backpack Review


The Griffith Park Backpack that I received was of a black and green color scheme and I’m very pleased with how it looks. The backpack doesn’t make you feel like a little kid going to junior high, it makes you feel like a responsible adult who is ready to put some expensive technology inside it. The Griffith Park Backpack beats the heck out of carrying a boring briefcase around to haul your expensive Apple Mac-book or other fancy electronics.


This backpack is so comfortable! I really wanted to give an honest and unbiased review with this product so I tried it out for a solid 2 weeks straight and have zero complaints. I live in the city of Chicago and this backpack was the perfect carrying tool I could have ever dreamed of. I was not only able to fit my laptop inside of the backpack, I could also fit my iPad Air in there also. Not to mention all my files and documents fit accordingly too. There are so many openings, zippers, nooks and crannies that I was able to fit my whole work day inside and still be comfortable carrying the load.

Sturdy & Durable

Let’s talk about sturdiness. The Griffith Park Backpack feels like its made from people who care. It’s not a cheap backpack for a good reason. The quality is definitely apparent when I was hauling a heavy load and didn’t once think something was going to break open or tear. The straps of the backpack were able to adjust accordingly, I’m a big guy, and yet still was comfortable with the backpack literally against my back. The green mesh almost felt like a pillow behind me at all times.

Benefits of Griffith Park Backpack

  • Comfortable (Mesh Straps & Easily Adjustable)
  • Holds Multiple Products at Once
  • Heavy Duty, Sturdy
  • Beautifully Designed
  • Premium Quality

Premium Quality

If you are someone who has to walk around for a long period of time and also carry your very important electronics, this is the perfect backpack for you. Not only is it sturdy and durable, it also looks very nice. This isn’t some little kids school backpack where his mom packs his lunch in, this is a grown adult backpack that also fits the role of the business type. I have a great feeling that this backpack is going to last me for years with heavy usage and I can’t imagine why I waited so long to get one.

Where to Buy Griffith Park Backpack by Case Logic