HP Premium 32 GB USB Flash Drive Key-Chain

Could you have imagined this much space in a key-chain 10 years ago? The HP Premium USB Flash Drive Key-Chain offers 32 GB of space! Stores all your pictures and videos on your flash drive and then keep it on your key-chain so you have your files with you at all times. What’s cool about the HP Key-Chain Flash Drive is it looks so sleek and has a beautiful chrome looking finish. It looks like a futuristic key that is going to have people asking you what it is. I personally think it looks like a future referee whistle but that’s just me.

Benefits of HP Premium USB Flash Drive

  • Connects to most devices (Laptops & Computers)
  • Looks Futuristic & Clean
  • 32 GB of Storage Space (Holds tons of pictures, ¬†music and videos)
  • Fits on your Key-Chain
  • Zinc-Alloy Metal (Sturdy)
  • Cost Effective (Major Data Storage, Small Price)

The HP Premium 32 GB USB Flash Drive is the perfect solution for your storage needs while also keeping you looking good in the process. You can clip the flash drive key-chain to anything really and bring it with you everywhere you go. The price-point on this device is what really intrigued me, very inexpensive for the amount of data you get. Most smart phones that are upwards of $500+ dollars don’t even carry this high of a storage capacity.