HTC Re Camera – Standalone Digital Camera

The HTC Re Camera is an all new standalone digital action camera that is surely going to compete with the GoPro. The HTC Re Camera connects to your android or apple device and allows you to keep your phone in your pocket while recording. If you ask me, the HTC Re Camera looks like an asthma inhaler more than a digital camera, however don’t puff on it because you will fog the glass. The fact that the HTC Re Camera is so simplistic is an advantage if you ask me. It literally fits in your pocket and makes it easy to take it with you practically everywhere. If you do own the HTC Re Camera, don’t feel bad if your not an extremist because it’s an excellent camera just for the everyday user. Because you never have to take your smart phone out, I can predict that you might start seeing these popping up and concerts or other types of live events that people are trying to capture of great quality.

HTC Re Camera Key Points

The HTC Re Camera is a nifty type of camera that you can practically put anywhere and see the results on your smart phone. For example, you can use the Re Camera as a DIY Dashboard Camera, or maybe while your sitting outside waiting for the pizza man you can point this camera at your front door. I think we all can agree that The HTC Re Camera is a cool, fun digital camera and video recorder that can be used for multiple purposes.


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Since we like to view the good with the bad on The Product Promoter, there does seem to be a major flaw in this product. HTC is asking for $199.99 for this device. Unfortunately, that price is way to high for a device like this. I believe in order to compete in this market, when you already have a perfectly good working digital video camera on your smart phone, they will have to lower the price, drastically. I think if they lower the price down to $80-$125 they will have a better chance at selling these devices. Since the design is so minimal, I can’t see them hurting their profit margins by lowering the price however I could be mistaken.