JanSport Backpacks for Girls

Are you looking specifically for JanSport Backpacks for Girls?

We have combined all the best JanSport Backpacks for Girls in this article to make things simple and easy for you!

A good thing to know is most JanSport Backpacks, if not all, are considered “Unisex” meaning they are for boys and girls. What we decided to do is breakdown all the backpacks into specific colors that girls may like more overall.

JanSport offers multiple backpacks for girls and currently makes some of the best backpacks in the market. JanSport has been around a very long time and their quality is what is keeping them in business.

You definitely came to the right place because we are going to show you the most current JanSport backpacks for girls and which colors or patterns would go good if you are a girl.

When you think of specific items for girls you may think of certain colors like pink, purple, yellow, light blue or orange. Another thing to look for is the backpacks patterns. It could be a floral pattern or perhaps a chevron pattern.

Whatever it is you are looking for, The Product Promoter has you covered!

We looked at every single JanSport Backpack for Girls that you can currently purchase directly from JanSport to give you a better idea of what is out there.

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What we did below is list the name of the backpack and also list the different color or pattern that would more likely be a girls choice. Now remember, most of these JanSport Backpacks come in multiple variations and can be considered for boys as well. This is why we mention specifics colors and patterns below each bag.

Our JanSport Backpacks for Girls list is solely our opinion. If you are a boy or want to buy one of these colors for a boy, please don’t hesitate.

Alright ladies, females, girls…Let’s get this party started!

Right Pack Backpack

For Girls: Lipstick Kiss, White, Yellow Card, Orange Gold, Tahitian Orange, Seafoam Green, Aqua Dash, Blue Crest, Vivid Purple and High Risk Red.

Color: Lipstick Kiss
Color: Lipstick Kiss

The JanSport Right Pack BackPack is your standard, typical backpack that can be used for multiple things.

This is the iconic backpack that JanSport has been making and improving for many years.

No matter what color you decide to go with, each Right Pack Backpack has a signature suede leather bottom. JanSport also uses a unique fabric application throughout the bag.

This backpack has one large main compartment to put your bigger items in which also contain an internal laptop sleeve for up to 15 inches.

There is a front utility pocket with an organizer and a zippered front stash pocket to fit smaller items. This is an ideal JanSport Backpack for Girls and we think you’ll agree.

For easy mobility and carrying, The Right Pack Backpack has straight cut, padded shoulder straps and a web haul handle.

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Right Pack Expressions Backpack

For Girls: Coral Peaches Zinnia, Multi Weave Stripe, Coral Dusk Chevrons, Multi Garden Delight, Silver Rose Jacquard, Blue Floral Sparkle Jacquard, Moonlit Teal Canvas Abstract Angles, Shady Grey Vintage Bloom, Cyber Pink Leopard, Vivid Purple Floral Toile and Red Tape Ornate Flock.

Color: Multi Garden Delight
Color: Multi Garden Delight

The JanSport Right Pack Expressions Backpack is basically exactly the same as the regular Right Pack Backpack except it uses designs and patterns instead of solid colors.

Girls typically will enjoy this version of the backpack because it offers more cute and fun patterns that you won’t see with a solid colored backpack.

The Right Pack Expressions Backpack by JanSport features the signature suede leather bottom and a vast array of prints and color patterns on unique fabrication.

This backpack has a large compartment with a 15 inch laptop sleeve inside, zippered front stash pocket and straight-cut, padded shoulder straps.

If you are going to go with the Right Pack Backpack, we definitely suggest you go with the Right Pack Expressions version.

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SuperBreak Backpack

For Girls: Cyber Pink Block Floral, Aqua Dash, Mammoth Blue, Spanish Teal, Coral Peaches, Cyber Pink, Blue Tropaz Oh Bananas, Multi Painted Ditzy, Navy Moonshine Island Ombre, Multi Donuts, Multi Grey Floral Flourish, Purple Night Color Ombre, Multi Tribal Dye, Downtown Brown Turning Tribal and Black Spots and Stripes.

Color: Cyber Pink Block Floral
Color: Cyber Pink Block Floral

The SuperBreak Backpack is a perfect JanSport Backpack for Girls!

Also, if you happen to be on a budget, this is the perfect backpack for you. Another good reason to buy the affordable SuperBreak Backpack by JanSport is if you have multiple girls in the family that need backpacks for school.

The SuperBreak Backpack comes in a huge variety of different colors, patterns and designs making it ideal for girls.

This backpack is super lightweight and has straight-cut, padded shoulder straps for easy carrying.

The SuperBreak Backpack has one large main compartment to store all your things and also a front utility pocket with a built-in organizer. Another added bonus is the 2/3 padded back panel for comfort and support.

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Big Student Backpack

For Girls: Coral Peaches, Mammoth Blue, Spanish Teal, Fluorescent Pink, High Risk Red, Vivid Purple, Multi Printed Ditzy, Grey Rabbit Sylvia Dot, Multi O X O, Multi Watercolor Spots, Multi Astro Kitty and Multi Peacock.

Color: Multi O X O
Color: Multi O X O

The Big Student Backpack is a wonderful backpack that can hold all of your school supplies.

The JanSport Big Student Backpack comes in a variety of different colors and designs and is made from polyester.

This backpack feature two large main compartments to gold all your school needs. Whether it’s textbooks, calculators, notepads, assignment notebooks, planners or anything else school related, The Big Student Backpack has you covered.

If you want a reliable backpack that will last you a long time, then you need to check this one out. To be honest, all of JanSport Backpacks are of a premium quality and are quite durable even during extended use.

The Big Student Backpack has ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps and a full padded back panel.

There is also a front utility pocket with organizer, pleated front stash pocket. zippered front stash pocket and a side pocket for a water bottle.

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Overexposed Backpack

For Girls: Multi Watercolor Floral, Multi Marble Prism, Black/Fluorescent Pink, Miss Zebra/Mammoth Blue and Black Galaxy.

Color: Miss Zebra/Mammoth Blue
Color: Miss Zebra/Mammoth Blue

This is one of our favorites! If you really want to buy a JanSport Backpack for Girls, give this one a try.

As you can see from the image above, the Zebra print is very fitting for girls.

The JanSport Overexposed Backpack only has a few different variations but they are all awesome. The style for this bag is all about standing out and being fluorescent.

This backpack has one large compartment to fit your items and then a front utility pocket with an included organizer.

The Overexposed Backpack from JanSport has a 2/3 padded back panel and pop color zippers and pulls.

This backpack also features straight-cut, padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort and stability.

This backpack is also perfect if you are on a budget because it has a great price point.

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