Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Speakers Review


The Jawbone Mini Jambox is the perfect Wireless Speakers if you are looking for sound quality, portability, and long lasting battery life. Each different Jawbone Mini Jambox looks creative and colorful in it’s own way making you want to collect all of them. If you have a favorite color, there is definitely a Mini Jambox that will fit your style. The Mini Jambox is perfect if you travel often or like to go to the beach and listen to some tunes. You turn on your Jambox, and you can connect via Bluetooth or even with an audio jack. The Jawbone Mini Jambox even comes with an App that you can download on your smartphone for free to control everything with your wireless speakers.

Benefits of Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Speakers

The Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Speakers can sync up to any smart device that has Bluetooth Compatibility. Don’t have a Bluetooth device? No need to worry because it also includes a 3.5 MM audio input jack that you can plug a audio cord directly into for easy listening. No matter where you use your Mini Jambox, the sound quality is great. Make a great vacation even better with portable music for every destination you visit. On top of all that, this speaker system double as a speakerphone that has a one-touch call/answer/end button built right in so you can take calls on the go with ease.

Key Benefits:

  • 4.0 Bluetooth Technology Built-In
  • Built-In Speakerphone
  • Light Weight Aluminum Body (Sounds Great & Not Bulky)
  • Jawbone App available for free download
  • Compact Design
  • Multiple Colors & Variations

Mini Jambox Wireless Speakers Colors


  • Graphite Facet (Black)
  • Silver Dot
  • Red Dot
  • Orange Dot
  • Yellow Dot
  • Green Dot
  • Blue Diamond
  • Aqua Scales
  • Purple Snowflake

All of these designs and colors are great in their own way. You decide which color and model your prefer when you purchase your Jawbone Mini Jambox Wireless Speaker.