Kick It KickStand Cell Phone Holder & Car Mount

The Kick It KickStand does exactly what it says it does, it holds your phone up. Kick It calls it the all-in-1 kick it and grip it solution which is pretty much to the point. The backside of the Kick It Kickstand contains a very strong adhesive that sticks to the back of your phone, tablet or case. Even though the device is interchangeable, we suggest you make a decision where you want it to go because the adhesive is very strong and unlikely to come off and on with ease. We also suggest you find a phone case that you like that you can dedicate the Kick It Stand too so when your putting your phone back in your pocket you can change out the case. The Kick It also comes with this neat gel pad that you can stick practically anywhere and your phone will grip right onto it. This is perfect if you are in the car using your phone as a GPS Device because you can stick it directly to your dashboard for hands-free viewing.

Benefits of Kick it KickStand


The stand itself is pretty sturdy, and actually clicks into 5 different variations. Whats really cool is the sidings are flat so you can use the Kick It KickStand sideways or upright. The kickstand is very light and easy to adjust however very sturdy so your smart device will feel safe in it’s grip. This gadget is a pretty simple tool but very effective if you want hands-free viewing.

Box Includes:

  • Phone Stand
  • Grip Pad
  • Mini Grip Pad & Protector
  • Mirror Sticker
  • 7 Customizable Color Stickers
  • Instructions
  • Gel Pad

For the price, it is rather cost effective and gets the job done. This is a simple concept that was built into something very useful for many people.