Kontrast Action Camera Case from Case Logic Review

The Kontrast Action Camera Case from Case Logi is the perfect carrying case for your action camera. I happen to have a GoPro Hero, which seems to be what every single person thinks of when you mention action camera, and it fit perfectly in this Kontrast Case. The coolest thing about having a GoPro or an action camera is that fact that it is so minimal in design and can be brought with you virtually everywhere. However with convenience there comes a price. My GoPro could easily get damaged or lost if I just brought it with unprotected or even threw it in my backpack. The Kontrast Action Camera Case is not only a perfect fit for my GoPro, it also is very durable and has a strong bottom to help protect my camera from any traveling damage.

Kontrast Action Camera Case Review

The Kontrast Action Camera Case is the perfect solution for carrying your GoPro or whatever other smaller sized action camera you may have. I only have one GoPro however this case is designed to fit two plus accessories. If you really wanted to, I can see you fitting three action cameras that are equally or smaller than the size of your typical GoPro Hero but that might be a stretch.


Having this brand new Kontrast Action Camera Case actually gave me an incentive to bring my GoPro along with me more often for the month that I spent reviewing it. When I write these reviews, I make sure to always use the product for a decent amount of time before writing about it because I want a truthful opinion being spread across to my audience. You guys deserve to know the truth about products and that’s what I’m here for! I want to take the time right now to thanks Case Logic for being very generous and allowing me to review this case along with other products they have sent my way.

Benefits of the Kontrast Action Camera Case

Let’s do a quick rundown of the benefits of this action camera case:

  • Offers protection of your Action Camera (GoPro) when traveling
  • Sturdy, strong & durable
  • Cost Effective (Spend a little money on this case to protect the higher investment on your action camera)
  • Can hold 2 GoPro’s and multiple accessories
  • Water-Resistant DuraBase on the bottom of the case for maximum protection in not so savory weather conditions

If you have a GoPro or Action Camera, you are definitely going to want to buy this Kontrast Action Camera Case from Case Logic. Don’t risk damaging your expensive high definition camera by throwing it in your luggage or car unprotected. This case is a game changer and very reliable.

Where to Buy Kontrast Action Camera Case