LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker – White

Check out this cool LED Lamp that has a built in Bluetooth Speaker inside of it. Now you can light up the room with music too! The coolest thing about this LED Lamp is the fact that it utilizes Bluetooth technology meaning you can connect all your devices to it via wireless and listen to anything you want. This LED Lamp has a strong enough brightness to light up the entire room and the speaker is loud enough to be heard across the room too. The neck of the lamp also adjusts so you can move the lamp over your desk or have it sit straight up for different lighting techniques.

Benefits of LED Lamp with Bluetooth Speaker

This LED Lamp with a built-in Bluetooth speaker is one of the coolest gifts you could give to somebody. Think about how convenient this would be in your child’s bedroom or even a college dorm room? You can keep the place safely lit and also have the ambiance of music all in one.

  • LED Lights (Easy on the eyes)
  • Adjustable Lamp Neck
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (No Wires)
  • Bright & Loud (Adjustable Volume)
  • Looks Cool

Connect all your smart devices to your all new LED Bluetooth Lamp and enjoy music while staying bright.