Skiva Powerflow Quadfire 4-Port Wall Charger



The Skiva Powerflow Quadfire 4-Port Wall Charger allows you to charge 4 USB devices at once. This is great if you have a few devices in your household that need to be charged at once. The unique design of the Skiva PowerFlow Quadfire 4-Port Charger resembles a guitar pedal but think more compact. You can now turn a single outlet into a 4-way smart device charging station. I know at my house I have multiple iPhones, tablets, smart phones and a bunch of other power devices that require long charges. The Skiva Powerflow Quadfire 4-Port Charger is the perfect solution to my charging needs. I’m very happy I got my hands on one of these devices! They should install these at every outlet at airports, hotel lobby’s conference centers, and other highly populated areas.

Benefits of Skiva Quadfire 4-Port Wall Charger


Besides being able to charge 4 devices at once, this product is also small and compact. It comes with a power plug that goes directly into a wall outlet and that’s the only step. You don’t have to install anything or program anything, it’s simple.

  • 4 Ports to Charge Your Devices
  • Small, Compact
  • Looks Sleek (Resembles Guitar Pedal)
  • Doesn’t Overheat
  • USB Cords fit snug and secure

The Skiva Powerflow Quadfire 4-Port Wall Charger spits out 9.6 Amps of power which is well over enough to charge your smart phone fast. It actually contains a total of 48 Watts which will power 4 devices at a time with ease.

Skiva Powerflow Quadfire 4-Port Specifications


Safety is the first and most important feature of our design. QuadFire is CE, FCC and RoHS Certified to give you peace of mind.(It has everything: overcharge, over-voltage, overheat & short circuit protection.)

Ultra Fast Charging:
It charges 4 USB devices (simultaneously) each at up to 2.4A / 5V power.

An elegant compact & sleek design to fit any small travel bag, making sure none of your devices run out of battery when you need them.

Worry free operation. Plug and rest is taken care of by QuadFire.

Highly efficient QuadFire will waste very little energy and will still everything like smartphones, tablets, etc.

International Compatibility:
QuadFire takes 100-240V (50/60Hz) power input. That makes it work in all countries.
Note: QuadFire will be shipped with US Style AC plug.

In the Box:
PowerFlow QuadFire Turbo 48W/9.6A Travel USB Charger
4.9 ft US style AC plug cable
User manual
Warranty Card

Warranty :
It comes with 1 Year Warranty from Skiva and full support.