The Snugg iPad Case in Leather (Color Options)

The Snugg iPad case is one of the leading iPad cases on the market today. Snugg provides a genuine leather case to make the feel of your iPad of an exquisite caliber. Not only does it feel great in your hands, it also looks great. You can even chose what color leather you want it to be. The Snugg iPad case comes with an elastic hand strap so it’s very easy for you to grasp onto and also helps with preventing to drop it. The coolest feature on this particular case, my opinion, is the cut out hole so the camera doesn’t get blocked. How many times have you spent a great deal of money on an iPad case only to realize you have to take it off to function the camera and other things like the headphone jack? Well not with this case. With The Snugg iPad case your getting premium leather quality for a very exceptional price.

Snugg Leather iPad Case Color Options


The Snugg Leather iPad Case comes in a bunch of different colors that all make your iPad looking super fresh. This genuine leather looks great in any of these color options so chose a color you like best and enjoy.

  • Black
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Baby Blue
  • Blue Denim
  • Candy Pink
  • Digital Camo
  • Distressed Brown
  • Electric Blue
  • Hot Pink

Benefits of The Snugg iPad Leather Case

This case isn’t called the Snugg Leather iPad Case for nothing. This case presses firmly against your iPad keeping it safe from all the outside elements while allowing you to utilize the full capacity of your iPad while the case remains on.

  • Variety of Colors
  • Premium Leather
  • Auto Wake / Sleep Function
  • Built in Stand to hold your iPad up while watching YouTube, movies, or when reading.
  • Elastic hand strap
  • All ports are open including the camera
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee? Yes, The Snugg iPad case offers a Lifetime Guarantee so what is there to worry about? Buy one of these awesome leather iPad cases before you drop yours or get suckered into buying a cheap fake leather one. It’s not that expensive, take advantage of this amazing deal.