Soft Touch Portable Power Bank with Flash Light

The Soft Touch Portable Power Bank is a device that stores energy so you can charge your devices. If your device uses a USB Charger Cord, you will most likely be able to charge your device with this power bank. The Soft Touch Portable Power Bank uses a circuit protection design to keep your valuable electronics safe from being overcharged or power surged. This power bank also doubles as an LED Flashlight which could help you big time if your power goes out. If your power does in fact goes out, not only do you have a flash light but you have a bank that can charge your devices. This is perfect for emergencies where you need your phones to stay on.

Benefits of Soft Touch Portable Power Bank


The Soft Touch Portable Power Bank has a built-in flashlight and also has a light that indicates how much charge is left in it.

  • Weight – 193 Grams
  • Battery Type – Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Battery Capacity – 5000mAh
  • Charging Time – 7-8 Hours

The Soft Touch Portable Power Bank with a Built-In Flashlight is a super cool gadget to have. When you are in a power crunch, this is your savior. It also looks pretty cool in the blue design they offer. I hope you have this power bank the next time your power goes out or when your nowhere near a charger. Until we develop a much stronger battery in our smart phones and devices, this portable power bank is an excellent solution to solve the battery draining problem we all have to face.