Top 10 Best Rolling Backpacks

Having a solid backpack is a necessity. Rolling Backpacks may also be needed if you are carrying heavy items or would rather roll your backpack.

We wanted to promote some of the Best Rolling Backpacks available.

Luckily, there are so many good options if you are looking for rolling backpacks and we have found some of the best.

Typically, a good rolling backpack offers an option to also carry it on your back. This is especially good if you are on alternating terrain or have to go up a stair case often making it hard to roll your backpack.

Another great feature on a quality rolling backpack is the handle. You want a handle that you can grab and also be able to retract.

There are so many specific kinds of rolling backpacks too.

  • Rolling Backpacks for Girls
  • Rolling Backpacks for Boys
  • Rolling Backpacks for Kids
  • JanSport Rolling Backpacks
  • Large Rolling Backpacks
  • Toddler Rolling Backpacks
  • Jworld Rolling Backpacks

As you can see above, many people are looking for this type of backpack for whichever reasons it may be.

A backpack that can roll can save you from frustration. You no longer have to put a heavy bag directly on your back and suffer anymore.

If you are seriously considering buying a rolling back, you need to check out our Top 10 Best Rolling Backpacks List.

These rolling backpacks are in no particular order.

JanSport Wheeled SuperBreak Bag


Some of the best of the best are the JanSport Rolling Backpacks.

The JanSport Wheeled SuperBreak Bag currently comes in four different colors which are High Risk Red Heart To Resist, Mammoth Blue Wild At Heart, Navy and Black.

What we really like about this backpack is the fact it is minimal. Unless you see someone rolling this backpack, it’s hard to tell it has that option. This backpack is the perfect one-two punch making it able to be rolled on the ground and also has the ability to retract the handle so you can carry it on your back.

The JanSport Wheeled SuperBreak Bag features corner-mounted inline skate wheels for easy mobility.

This rolling backpack contains a large compartment to carry your items and also a front utility pocket for smaller items.

JanSport Driver 8 Backpack


Another great JanSport Rolling Backpack is the JanSport Driver 8 Backpack.

Think of this rolling backpack as a more digital backpack. The JanSport Driver 8 Backpack is the perfect bag for traveling or the airport.

This backpack features 80 mm inline skate wheels for premium mobility and a retractable two-stage handle for easy rolling.

This backpack also features two main compartments, front stash pocket, front utility pocket with organizer, padded sleeve that can fit a 15 inch laptop and even a side pocket for a water bottle.

The JanSport Driver 8 Backpack can also be converted to a regular backpack when you are on the go. It has tuck-away shoulder straps for easy converting and a fully padded back panel for maximum comfort.

High Sierra Adventure Access

Carry-On Wheeled Backpack with Removable Daypack


Not one…Not two…but THREE! Three Backpacks in One!

The High Sierra Adventure Access Carry-On Wheeled Backpack with Removable Daypack is exactly three backpacks combined into one super backpack.

If you want a premium quality rolling backpack then this is a perfect option. This backpack comes in three different colors; Black/Charcoal, True Navy/Charcoal and Moss/Charcoal.

The High Sierra Adventure Access Carry-On Wheeled Backpack features corner mounted inline skate wheels for great mobility.

This backpack has an actual removable, front daypack with a zippered accessory pocket.

This rolling backpack can be used as a wheeled bag, a backpack or as a daypack making it very versatile.

High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack


Another excellent rolling backpack is this one from High Sierra.

The High Sierra Chaser Wheeled Backpack is a very affordable wheeled bag that contains one large main compartment. This large compartment can hold clothes, books, supplies or whatever else you need it for.

Since this bag is so lightweight and versatile it can be used for any on-the-go situations.

This backpack features in-line skate wheels and a telescoping handle that stows directly into a protective zippered compartment.

The High Sierra Chase Wheeled Backpack not only functions great but looks fantastic. Our favorite version of this backpack is the Lime Green version pictured above.

This is a very sporty styled rolling backpack and has everything you need to be satisfied even if you are on a budget.

High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Computer Backpack


Yes…We featured yet another High Sierra Rolling Backpack.

The High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Computer Backpack is the perfect rolling backpack for your digital needs. Whether you have a laptop or a tablet, this backpack is going to accommodate you.

The High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Computer Backpack features a full padded computer sleeve that can fit up to a 17 inch laptop. This is a huge selling factor considering most bags only go up to 15 inch laptops. This bag also has an integrated tech spot tablet computer sleeve.

Keeping your expensive electronics is crucial and this backpack gives you a proper piece of mind.

If you are a tech geek and have multiple electronics that need to be contained in the same bag, the High Sierra AT7 Wheeled Computer Backpack is the perfect option for you.

JWorld Rolling Backpack: Parkway


JWorld makes some of the best rolling backpacks if you can believe it. They offer multiple versions that looks slick and get the job done.

The JWorld Rolling Backpack “Parkway” is an excellent choice for a bag on wheels.

The retractable handle features on this backpack can actually be set in three different positions making it perfect if there is ever a height differential. This handle is also a locking handle that uses a push button.

The wheels on this backpack are larger than most rolling backpacks have which gives this backpack an upper hand in mobility. The wheels featured on this bag are also soft and noiseless.

The JWorld Rolling Backpack Parkway features an organized front pocket and one large main compartment that features a padded laptop sleeve.

This rolling backpack comes in solid colors like red, black and blue and they all look very nice.

JWorld Sunset Rolling Backpack


If you want to experience a JWorld Rolling Backpack but want to spend much less than the Parkway, The Sunset Rolling Backpack is a great option.

The J World Rolling Backpack called “Sunset” comes in a variety of colors and patterns to make the whole family excited. Whether you are looking for a rolling backpack for girls or a rolling backpack for kids, the JWorld Sunset Backpack can definitely fit the bill.

This backpack also features a three stage locking handle with a push button for easy adjustment.

This rolling backpack is about half the price of typically rolling bags on wheels but still has compartments to hold your items.

Sunset by JWorld has the same soft and noiseless wheels like above for stability and controlled motion.

Nike Boys or Girls Rolling Backpack


If you are looking for the perfect boys or girls rolling backpack then you need to check out this one.

The Nike Boys or Girls Rolling Backpack is the perfect rolling backpack for school, sports or even travel.

This bag was literally designed to be used by boys or girls making it ideal for children.

It’s completely lightweight and the wheels make it very easy to move.

The Nike Boys or Girls Rolling Backpack features a telescopic top pull handle and a padded handle and padded straps. This backpack also features a padded laptop compartment to keep your kids laptop safe.

This Nike Rolling Backpack features a front pocket with pencil and ID organizational holder and side pockets that are mesh.

This backpack comes in two different colors which are pink for the girls and blue for the boys.

Osprey Ozone 28 Inch / 80 Litres


If money is no issue when looking for a premium backpack, then this one may get your attention.

The Osprey Ozone 28 Inch/ 80 Litres Wheeled Backpack is the very top of the line in rolling backpacks. It comes in three different colors which are Black, Summit Blue and Hoodoo Red.

This backpack from Osprey, called Ozone, is a lightweight, extremely durable backpack that will leave you satisfied for many years.

The Osprey Ozone is made from an ultralight aluminum frame and features very large wheels for maximum mobility. The exterior of this backpack is made from an ultra-durable nylon fabric.

The Osprey Ozone 80 is made to last you a lifetime. The premium quality seen in this wheeled backpack makes the price more understandable.

All of the main compartments featured in this backpack are zippered for your protections and so you belongings don’t fall out.

If you are a traveler, The Osprey Ozone 80 is far superior to others.

Osprey Meridian 28 Inch / 75 Litres

Deluxe Travel Luggage


We saved the most premium rolling backpack for last. Think of The Osprey Meridian as the Rolls Royce of Backpacks.

The Osprey Meridian 28 Inch / 75 Litres comes in three separate colors; Metal Grey, Patina Green and Rusted Red.

If you are traveling and want deluxe features in a premium wheeled backpack, this is a superb option. This rolling backpack features incredible amounts of internal and external compartments for optimal storage and organization.

The Osprey Meridian features a laptop friendly zippered daypack that can be detached and also an adjustable backpanel suspension system.

This backpack features an adjustable harness, external top pocket with a zipper, grab handle and a hideaway quick release attachment. The Meridian Osprey also features a large main compartment, rear panel and removable components.

This is one of the best traveling, rolling backpacks that money can buy.