Top Black JanSport Backpack List

Looking for the best Black JanSport Backpack?

We have compiled a list of our top choices for picking a Black JanSport Backpack…

There are so many different types of JanSport Backpacks, especially black ones. People really like the color black when it comes to any type of backpack because it looks good and appears to stay clean longer.

You can’t really see small imperfections or dirt on top of a black backpack…

JanSport makes some of the best backpacks in the industry right now and they have been doing this for many years.

A Black JanSport Backpack is an excellent choice when you need a durable backpack that looks good and keeps you items organized. JanSport Backpacks offer multiple compartments and typically comfortable fabric and shoulder straps.

If you are looking for a backpack that features different colors and isn’t just a black JanSport Backpack, please check out our Best JanSport Backpacks By Color List and see what other designs and patterns they offer.

Now let’s go over some of our favorite backpacks by JanSport that can all be purchased in a black color variation.

Odyssey Backpack


The JanSport Odyssey Backpack is an excellent backpack to start off our Top Black JanSport Backpack List.

This backpack not only looks great in black, it’s actually one of the best backpack you can buy right now.

The Odyssey Backpack has a versatile sleeve designed to hold multiple big items and is completely padded. It could literally hold a 3L hydration system meaning you have optimal space in their.

Or perhaps your more of a digital consumer, which is great because you can fit a laptop in this bag as well.

This black backpack features a #10 zipper on the main compartment and their are actually two large main compartments total on this backpack. This backpack also features ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps to help you carry this backpack even when it has a full load inside of it.

The JanSport Odyssey Backpack has a deluxe utility pocket with organizer, dual pockets for water bottles, an ice axe loop and a quick access loft pocket.

Spring Break Backpack


The Spring Break Backpack is another great choice if you are looking specifically for a Black JanSport Backpack.

This backpack is much smaller than your typical backpack which could be a good thing if that is what you are looking for. JanSport makes another backpack called “SuperBreak” which is the larger version of this backpack.

The JanSport Spring Break Backpack contains a front utility pocket with organizer that features one large compartment.

Just because this backpack is a bit smaller than your conventional backpack doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. This is the perfect on-the-go backpack and looks very good in a black color.

Ski and Hike Backpack


If you are looking for a black travel backpack, this is the one for you.

The Ski and Hike Backpack by JanSport features a main compartment, that is quite large, that has antique brass metal zippers giving this bag a vintage look.

This backpack is actually a reissue of the original version of this backpack and features the original style from 1969. This backpack also features the original, throwback JanSport woven logo to make this look even more classic.

The JanSport Ski and Hike Backpack contains adjustable seat belt webbing shoulder straps for maximum mobility and comfort.

This black backpack also uses the original weathered nylon fabric for that classic, vintage design and style.

Ski and Hike Backpack has one large main compartment, a front gear pocket and an inside zippered pocket for storing even more items.

Watchtower Backpack


This backpack mean serious business!

The Watchtower Backpack by JanSport is the ideal backpack for adventures and hiking. This hefty black backpack features 7 different pockets for optimal organization. It also features one very large main compartment that can fit a tablet and laptop at the same time.

The JanSport Watchtower Backpack is the real deal.

It features an adjustable side compression webbing and custom carabineer key clip. This backpack contains a deluxe organizer with a padded cellphone holder and a front insulated pocket that can be zippered shut.

Since you will most likely be loading this backpack at full capacity, it’s a great thing to know that this bag contains ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps for premium comfort and maximum holding.

The Watchtower Backpack is very stylish, even for a black backpack, that implements genuine leather JanSport label and trims for premium quality.

Right Pack Backpack


Are you looking for a regular, standard Black JanSport Backpack? Well, this is it!

The Right Pack Backpack is mentioned in a few of our JanSport Articles because it’s functional, looks great and has a reasonable price point.

Even though the JanSport Right Pack Backpack comes in a huge variety of colors, it also comes in just a black backpack color which we think looks very clean.

This backpack features the JanSport signature suede leather bottom and also straight-cut, padded shoulder straps.

This black backpack also features a large main compartment, front utility pocket and an internal sleeve that fits a 15 inch laptop or tablet.

The Right Pack Backpack is designed beautifully and looks very nice in a black color.

Big Student Backpack


We couldn’t write an article about a Top Black JanSport Backpack without including this backpack right here.

The Big Student Backpack isn’t called this name for no reason. It is literally the perfect backpack for school when you are a student. It hold multiple items like textbooks, notepads, pens, pencils, binders and whatever else you need to store in there.

This backpack looks like a typical school bag meaning its your everyday backpack style.

The JanSport Big Student Backpack features two large main compartments, a web haul handle and ergonomic s-curve shoulder straps for easy carrying.

The fully padded back panel keeps you comfortable and also keep your items protected from basic elements.

This backpack also features a zippered front stash pocket, a pleaded front stash pocket, a side pocket for a water bottle or similar item and then a utility pocket in the front featuring an organizer.

The Big Student Backpack by JanSport is about as good as it gets and is well-balanced.