Transparent Labs Supplements Review

Transparent Labs is a supplement company that makes various products for muscle building and fat loss.

We came across Transparent Labs a few months ago and really like what they are doing for the supplement industry.

If the name didn’t give it away, Transparent Labs has the mantra of keeping all of their supplements 100% transparent meaning every single ingredient is listed out and they don’t use proprietary blends.

This is huge considering the supplement industry often gets a bad rap because of all the past shady practices and the continuing shady supplement companies that fill their products with bunk ingredients.

This is where Transparent Labs stands apart from most of the rest…

This company makes sure to spend a tremendous amount of time researching each ingredient before adding it to their supplement line. They also only use the highest quality of ingredients in all of their products.

We had a conversation with the owners of Transparent Labs and you could tell they are in this to help people. They don’t seem to be in this for the money and genuinely seem to care about helping people reach their goals.

They engineer their products to the highest standard of integrity and quality.

Transparent Labs also commits to never using artificial sweeteners, food dyes or any harmful additives.

In our opinion, other supplement companies need to take some plays out of their playbook in order to make the supplement industry great again.

Let’s go over the entire Transparent Labs Supplement Line…

Transparent Labs Supplements Review

What we really like about Transparent Labs is how specific they are in their product labeling.

The bottles all pretty much look the same and they are all appropriately named for what they are used for. In the supplement industry, often you will find cool marketing and fancy product names, however, the quality of these products speaks volumes over any type of marketing efforts.

They don’t need to spend the money on marketing because their products are simple, yet effective.

They like to break up their products into a set of different series like:

  • PreSeries
  • StrengthSeries
  • PhysiqueSeries
  • ProteinSeries
  • CoreSeries

This is very beneficial for the consumer who more than likely has a specific goal in mind. As they release more supplements, they can add it to the products specifics series to keep things categorized well.

They currently have 9 products in their supplement line:

  • PreSeries Bulk
  • PreSeries Lean
  • PreSeries Stim-Free
  • PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner
  • PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner Stim-Free
  • CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine
  • CoreSeries Krill Oil
  • StrengthSeries Creatine HMB
  • ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed

Each one of these products is explained by the name on the bottle. This makes it very simple for the consumer to know what they are getting before they buy it.

All Transparent Labs Products feature individually listed ingredients with the exact dosage on them. You will never have to question what you are putting inside your body with this brand.

To save you money, they also offer stacks:

  • 3 Month PreSeries Variety Stack
  • 3 Month Cycle PreSeries LEAN Pre-Workout
  • 3 Month Cycle PreSeries BULK Pre-Workout
  • Bulk Muscle Building Essentials Stack
  • Fat Burning Lean Muscle Essentials Stack
  • Stimulant Free Fat Burning Essentials Stack
  • Stimulant Free Muscle Building Essentials Stack

By having stacks available for purchase, you can get a few different products at once at a lower price point then buying them individually.

Besides supplements, they currently offer 2 products:

The shaker bottle is very cool and is actually a Cyclone Cup with their branding on it. Also, the tank top is great to wear at the gym while showing appreciation for their brand.

Now let’s give a quick overview of each of their supplements to make you more familiar…

PreSeries Bulk


PreSeries Bulk is one of their top selling pre-workout supplements.

They engineered PreSeries Bulk to offer you the highest quality of ingredients when you are bulking. All of the key ingredients inside of “Bulk” are backed by published scientific research and they even include the clinically effective dosages.

If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, get a nitric oxide pump, feel energized and reduce muscle fatigue, PreSeries Bulk will take you there.

There is 6 grams of citrulline malate, 4 grams of beta-alanine and 4 grams of BCAA 2:1:1 in each serving. Each serving is 22 grams per scoop and there are 30 servings per bottle.

The main goal for this supplement is to help you gain healthy weight and lean muscle mass.

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PreSeries Lean


PreSeries Lean is a pre-workout supplement designed for people who are cutting.

This supplement can be used by both men and women and contains zero colored dyes, unnecessary fillers or any harmful additives.

PreSeries Lean is the perfect pre-workout if you are trying to lose weight but also need some type of stimulant to keep you going at the gym.

This supplements features 6 grams of citrulline malate, FatShred and ThyroBlast matrix and BCAA 2:1:1 which are all at clinically effective dosages.

The purpose of PreSeries Lean is to help you lose stubborn fat while also giving you the energy to push through your workouts.

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PreSeries Stim-Free


If stimulants are something you are trying to avoid, but still want an effective pre-workout, Transparent Labs PreSeries Stim-Free is an optimal choice.

Get the same benefits from their other PreSeries Supplements without the stimulants like caffeine.

If you are sensitive to stimulants, it may be quite difficult to find a pre-workout supplement that doesn’t contain caffeine.

This product is highly recommended for people who wants a high intensity workout but are intolerant to stimulants or caffeine.

If you happen to be a stimulant junkie and are trying to cycle off, PreSeries Stim-Free can be helpful in that aspect as well.

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PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner


PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is a thermogenic fat burning dietary supplement.

There are two different versions of PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner, the regular version and the stimulant free version. The stim-free option is viable if you are sensitive to caffeine otherwise they are basically the same product.

PhysiqueSeries Fat Burner is keyed in on increasing your metabolic rate, preventing hunger cravings and creating an enjoyable weight loss lifestyle.

This supplement has fat burning ingredients to help you reach your goals of finally losing weight.

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CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine


CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine is their newest supplement addition to their line and is a growth and recovery supplement.

The ability to recover quicker gives you the ability to work out more and thus gain more muscle mass.

Also, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine gives you the branched chain amino acids your body is craving.

The main ingredients in this supplement are 8 grams of BCAA 2:1:1, 5 grams of Glutamine and 1 gram of Coconut Water Powder.

If you are serious about stimulating protein synthesis, improving glucose metabolism and reducing fatigue, CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine was engineered to help you with those things.

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CoreSeries Krill Oil


Transparent Labs CoreSeries Krill Oil is an omega-3 supplement.

This supplement is extracted exclusively from an Antarctic Krill Species that happens to be rich in the long chain omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA.

Krill Oil is more gentle on the stomach than typical fish oils and is recognized by the body much better making it more effective.

CoreSeries Krill Oil has superior EPA and DHA Levels, is easy to digest and helps support your brain, heart and joint health.

Transparent Labs makes sure to use the highest purity of krill oil in each bottle and also contain zero mercury. Scientific research shows that krill oil is 48 times more potent than fish oil.

If you are looking for a solid krill oil supplement without any of the added junk in other brands products, CoreSeries Krill Oil has you covered.

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StrengthSeries Creatine HMB


There are so many different variations of creatine out there right now but all you really need is a good creatine monohydrate supplement.

Since StrengthSeries Creatine HMB features Creapure®, you know you are always getting pure 100% creatine monohydrate in each bottle.

All the ingredients in this product, which are creatine monohydrate, HMB and BioPerine®, are at clinically effective dosages. There are zero artificial sweeteners, colored dyes, unnecessary fillers or harmful additives.

StrengthSeries Creatine HMB is for enhancing strength, increasing endurance, preventing lean muscle loss and decreasing fat mass.

This product is also unflavored so you can mix it with any flavored beverage you prefer.

If you need a clean creatine monohydrate supplement, look no further.

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ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed


ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed is a whey protein isolate supplement that is completely sourced from New Zealand.

There are actually 28 grams of protein per scoop making it one of the highest protein counts currently available on the market.

ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed is made from naturally fed, hormone free cow whey. There are absolutely no artificial sweeteners, food dyes and is completely gluten free.

This is a perfect whey protein isolate if you are health conscious and only has 112 calories per serving which is perfect for cutting weight.

This is some of the purest protein powder you can get and is perfect for hitting your daily protein goals or even as a post-workout supplement.

As of right now, it only comes in a delicious chocolate flavor to avoid adding any artificial flavoring.

ProteinSeries 100% Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate is an excellent option if you need to hit your daily protein macros.

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Transparent Labs Supplements Review – Summary

Transparent Labs is evolving into one of the most trusted supplement brands in the industry.

Each one of their products is completely transparent and is backed by scientifically researched ingredients.

In a world of supplement brands trying to make a quick buck, Transparent Labs is a polar opposite.

They seem to legitimately care about you and your health goals which is why we recommend them completely.

If more supplement company’s treated their business and products like Transparent Labs, there wouldn’t be a dark shadow cast upon the supplement industry.

They are doing great things and we look forward to what they create in the future.